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A downloadable game for Windows

Laser Bazooka is a top down shooter about a guy with a laser bazooka. The game was made by @Dev_Smithy in 48 hours from scratch in gamemaker.


Arrow keys or wasd: Movement

Left moussebutton: Shoot

Shift : Sprint and change mode of laser bazooka

R or Crtl:  Completely cool down the laser bazooka and regenerate healt

F:  Turn on fullscreen

E: Restart game


When the laser bazooka is fired it will heat up, when it heats up the range is decreased. Heat it up too much and you will burn yourself. Moving around will cool down the gun faster. Use shift to sprint but you can't shoot while sprinting. Press R or ctrl to completely cool down the gun and regenerate health but you can't move while doing it so make sure you are safe.

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Published 3 days ago


Laser Bazooka.exe (2 MB)